These are the 4 most popular games in Play To Earn mode

popular games in Play To Earn mode
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With the appearance and rise of NFTs in recent years, a new type of video game has been born that is changing the way of understanding gaming. This type of video game has occupied a new space with its own name, play to earn games (play to win, in Spanish).

These are games that have their own economy associated with NFTs (digital assets based on cryptography), which vary in value depending on certain characteristics and with which they can be traded. That trade allows players to earn money while playing.

Next, let’s take a look at everything that play to earn games involve.

The crypto world bet on play to earn games

The gaming industry has always been at the forefront of technology, making early use of artificial intelligence algorithms, optimizing graphic power, maximizing network options, streaming, and generally generating unique experiences for millions. of players across the globe.

That is why it is not surprising that one of the most interesting use cases based on blockchain technologies beyond cryptocurrencies comes from the video game industry, which has used irreplaceable digital assets such as non-fungible tokens or NFTs to make a reality. old, reward players for their hours of play. Through it, digital works of art and other collectibles are transformed into unique and verifiable assets that are easy to trade through the blockchain cybersecurity registry or blockchain technology.

The play to earn trend is an emerging phenomenon with ramifications yet to be discovered. The use of NFTs, “inimitable” assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other type of property, but do not have a tangible form in themselves” according to the definition of the BBC, allows the introduction of new dynamics of commerce within the game that allow players to speculate and generate profits.

Starting to earn through the play to earn mode

As we already mentioned, with the play to earn model, participants are rewarded with digital assets (usually in NFT format) just for playing games that are also, in most cases, Free2Play to increase the player base. players.

If you want to know more about some of them, here we share the play to earn titles that are trending at the moment:

Axie Infinity

The most popular play to earn platform at the moment allows users to create a collection of “ Axies ” which are these creatures in the form of NFTs. These in turn can be used throughout the company’s game universe. From there, the company uses blockchain to reward players for breeding Axies. Players can improve blockchains, sell them and get rewards in the form of tokens or cryptocurrencies.

You must bear in mind that we are not talking about playing something that you can do for free. With Axie Infinity, you need at least 3 Axies to start, so you will need to make a small investment upfront.


Mobox is a play to earn that combines NFT games with the structure of a farm-type game. Players can acquire NFTs from Mobox, also known as MOMOs, or through Binance NFT Mystery Box releases which are mystery boxes that include a surprise NFT inside. The latter is distributed on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Mobox provides a simple game that combines free play mechanics. The game prioritizes NFT interoperability, allowing gamers to simultaneously use their MOBOX assets in multiple games.

Alien World

Alien Worlds is a play to earn metaverse spread over seven planets. The object of the game is to earn in-game cryptocurrencies, called Trillium (TLM). These, in turn, can be exchanged for real money.

Players can mine TLMs or send virtual spaceships on missions throughout the metaverse. This is to compete for a part of the TLM prize pool. Each traveler can receive up to five NFTs after completing a mission.

God’s Unchained

Gods Unchained is a very popular collectible card game. This is an online strategy-based NFT game where the cards provided in the game are in the form of NFTs. Similarly, the trading cards provided in the game have a real-world value based on a token called the GODS token.

Just like the play-to-earn games above, the core of this game is fighting various monsters and earning in-game assets. As a consequence, these NFT-based assets are traded on numerous secondary markets.

Finally, the play to earn games is here to stay. While some see them as something to do in their spare time and earn some money, others see them as a day job. However, never forget that this is a game and to have fun. That’s what it’s about.